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Skid avoidance training at the Alconbury Driving Centre

Driver CPC

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) qualification for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers. We have several LGV and PCV courses available.

Training And Test Area.

Alconbury Driver Training And Test Area.

Welcome to the Alconbury Driving Centre

Our Aim…….

….is to improve driving skills and make our roads safer.

Let’s tell you about the Alconbury Driving Centre

Our unique setting of Alconbury Weald, just off the A14 and A1 in Cambridgeshire, enables driver training to be carried out in safety on our centre’s private driving areas.

We offer driving experiences for every age group from as young as 14 years old, as well as for individuals, clubs, groups and corporate events.

Our centre features what was a mile-long runway, and is now a fully marked, virtual six lane motorway with acceleration zones and safe areas to practise steering, braking and low speed control techniques.

Our private driving circuit is set up to offer a true to life experience, where not only do you encounter traffic lights and roundabouts, but also the opportunity for junctions, pedestrian crossings, hill starts, parking manoeuvres and much much more. 

The Alconbury Driving Centre enables drivers to test their skills in safety at the wheel of our skid car, a normal road car, mounted on a hydraulic frame that enables the instructor to lift the weight of the car off the tyres and create skids and slides as if the driver is driving on ice, water or oil. We guarantee you will have some great fun, an unforgettable experience, and you’ll never drive the same again.

We hope you will find everything you need here on our website by using the navigation bar on the top menu, but of course we are happy to speak to you and answer any questions you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by
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A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this event such a success.
Alconbury Driving Centre is proud to have hosted the day and to have been part of the organising team.

Well done everyone.

More than £20,000 was raised after 150 women got behind the wheel of some of the county's largest vehicles!

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A fun and challenging day out for the ladies. Drive fire engines, JCBs, double decker busses! The ladies were definitely in control!

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