Corporate Driver CPC Courses

Driver CPC is for LGV and PCV drivers who drive professionally throughout the UK.


We have several courses available including Defensive Driving, Rules of the Road and the Highway Code, WTD and Digital / Analog Tachograhs, First Aid, Accident Handling etc.,

We have modules of both 3.5 and 7 hours available. Therefore you can choose / mix and match your modules depending upon your requirements.

We can have up to 20 people on these courses, please ring for a quote or ‘contact us’ at the bottom of this page

Certificates are issued upon completion of the courses and the details are uploaded to the JAUPT Driver Records Database within 5 working days.

Courses can be run, if required, in your area; however the cost of travel and accommodation may be extra. For more information and costs, please contact us.


1) 5 Steps to Safety Emergency evacuation from a bus, is a 7 hour course. It is an extremely interesting and valuable course which includes;

* Recognising the common causes of vehicle fires
* Reduce the risk of fires starting
* Safely evacuating a smoke filled PCV

2) Disability Awareness

This is a 7 hour course and will provide the driver with the skills to;

* Meet legal and contractual responsibilities
* Adopt good practice to reduce risks
* Safely use in-vehicle equipment for transporting disabled people
* Understanding your passenger needs

We have up to 12 places available per course, so if you are interested give us a ring for a quote or ‘contact us’ at the bottom of this page.

For more information and costs, please contact us.