Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisherWith the growing need for environmental control particularly in Live Fire Training we use a clean burn system which is used for “Hands On” training in the correct use of Portable Fire Extinguishers

Our clean Burn Propane Gas, environmentally friendly and smoke free Training module, is used to simulate the three basic fires found in the home or place of work. A pyroflash cartridge detonated by the instructor is used to demonstrate the effect of using water on electrical fires.
The Training Module is fully mobile, easily used by one person with complete safety to the instructor and student. Courses can be conducted in a car park, school playground, building site, sports field or any open space of approximately 10 square metres.


Our two Instructor are carefully selected and trained professionals in the correct use of Portable Fire Extinguishers with over 35 years experience as professional Firefighters
The course is designed for the general work force to instruct personnel in the correct use of Fire Extinguishers
To ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of how to classify a fire and the principles of application of Fire Extinguishers and how to operate them.
At the end of the course trainees will be able to demonstrate their competence in the correct selection and use of Fire Extinguishers relevant to the risk involved.
Delegates are given an opportunity to use three different types of Fire Extinguisher and a Fire Blanket on Live Fire using a Training Module simulating the 3 basic fires likely to be found in the home or workplace.
Fire Type 1.Liquid Spill Fire
Fire Type 2.Small Container Solid Fuel Fire
Fire Type 3. Electrical Fire

On completion of the course each delegate is presented with a certificate indicating they have demonstrated competent use and correct selection of the Fire Fighting Equipment they used during the course