Individual Eco Driving

Reduce fleet costs for your business

Save money every time staff drive your vehicles!

The Eco-Driving course at Alconbury Driving Centre  will pay for itself very quickly by teaching your drivers to drive differently which results in reduced fuel bills, less wear and tear to your vehicle, not to mention less pollution into the environment.

In the meantime a few simple tips are listed below.

1 Tyres

A study by Michelin revealed more than 370 million litres of fuel is wasted by having underinflated tyres, totalling a staggering £435 million.

Check tyre pressure regularly to save cash at the forecourt and stretch tyres’ life and improve tyre grip.

2 Oil

Dirty oil causes friction, increases engine wear, and as a result has a negative impact on fuel efficiency.

Check oil level on a weekly basis and record each time you have a complete oil change so you will know when the next one is due.

3 Servicing

A well maintained engine sips less fuel and will  help you avoid major repair expenses in the long run.

4 Remove Roof Racks

Roof racks and roof boxes greatly undermine your vehicle’s drag coefficient and negatively impact the fuel bill as a result. The same goes for  spoilers and wings which add both extra weight and aerodynamic drag.

5 Eco Driving

Avoid sharp braking and accelerating, stick to the speed limit and select a higher gear when you reach 2,500rpm in a petrol car or 2,000rpm in a diesel car.

6 Reduce Weight

Carrying unnecessary weight around in your vehicle is not a good idea if your aim is to cut your fuel bills. Every 50kg of extra weight will increase your petrol consumption by about 2%.

7 Minimise Air Conditioning Usage

Park in the shade to reduce the need for air-con, and open windows or air vents instead. (unless you are driving at higher speeds)

8 Avoid Short Trips

Save fuel by avoiding short trips and drive especially economically until your engine has warmed up properly.

9 Consider A Newer Car

According to the RAC, a typical new £10,000 car can save you around £12 a week in fuel bills compared to an older fuel-inefficient model.

10 Eco Driving Training

A SAFED Course (Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving) is available at Alconbury Driving Centre for company vehicle drivers. If you are an individual who would like an eco driving course please call Alconbury Driving Centre

Telephone 01480 457439