Individual Skid Training

Skid car – have great fun and learn something it might just save your life!!!

Alconbury Driving Centre Skid Car Clients

Alconbury Driving Centre Skid Car Clients

Our specially designed skid car experience will teach you how to react in an emergency. Our skid car is a normal road car fitted with a hydraulic frame.

You will learn how to control your vehicle if it starts to slide on a wet or icy road or if you were faced with having to brake hard or swerve to avoid danger! Our ‘skid-car’ is a completely safe, high-tech, way of learning how to deal with all those situations.

You’ll have some great fun, an unforgettable experience, and you’ll never drive the same again!

Our course is design for one to one training, but can accommodate up to three trainees.

The duration of the course is 3 hours although its great fun you will be pushed hard to achieve real skills.

Our 3 hour course only costs £199 including VAT for an individual trainee


you may prefer £120 each person for 2 or more trainees – the course duration will be 3 hours with all trainees in the car while training.



Alconbury Driving Centre Skid Car

Follow this link for the skid car terms and conditions

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