Meet Your Duty Of Care

Online Risk Assessment Demonstration Trial

If you are the person responsible for your business drivers’  health and safety why not request some further information about our online risk assessment software which is simple to use and meets all the legal requirements.

The Duty of Care Diagnostics system

We assess each candidate from four distinct perspectives:

1. Driver history – this section asks eight basic questions; *(this section can be customised by adding additional questions – these do not affect the risk profile)

Approximate completion time: 5 minutes.

2. Knowledge – 20 random questions pulled from the Highway Code; candidates get feedback after each question.

Approximate completion time: 10 minutes

3. Attitude – candidates are asked to think about their driving over the past 12 months and are then shown 22 statements and must answer how much they agree or disagree on a 1-7 scale.

Approximate completion time: 10 minutes.

4. Skill – using the latest 3D graphics and HD video, candidates are shown nine clips on a variety of roads. They will either be asked to either click the mouse when a hazard develops, select all the hazards when the video stops or answer a multiple-choice question about what they’ve just seen.

Approximate completion time: 15 minutes.

If you would like to read more about our please see the PDF file – The DOC Diagnostics System


On Line and In-Car Risk Assessments

Company Car Driver online and In-car Risk Assessments are designed to help ensure that your company vehicle or grey fleet drivers are safe and efficient, and are a vital tool in targeting your training budget where it is most needed and effective.

Our specialist trainers can also assess your company policies, and procedures as well as the knowledge, skills, attitude, and responsibilities of your drivers, with effective online and in-car assessments of your staff. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report, detailing clearly how you can improve the efficiency of your fleet, lower financial costs, and reduce driver risk levels, with recommendations for further training and development for high risk drivers.
Our specialist trainers and health and safety consultants can make a real difference to your company, your drivers and your profit margins.

Online Driver Risk Assessments

Alconbury Driving Centre working with our partners UKCDT can provide online driver risk assessment to any client whatever type of fleet you operate.

The online driver risk assessment system has been developed by doc diagnostics, over several years and has proved to be highly effective. The system has been used successfully by clients such as The MOD, Unilever, and Thames Valley Police.

To use the system, you will be issued with a Log-in and Password. This can be used by any member of your staff for the duration of the assessment.

  • A designated manager is emailed all results
  • Download and store risk profiles
  • The test takes approx. only 30 minutes

Identifying The Risk

On completion of the test a driver risk rating is immediately produced and areas on which training can be focused are identified.

Results are feed back to your Fleet Manager.

Low Risk = Little or No training required.
Medium Risk = Online training or in vehicle training required.
High Risk = In vehicle training urgently required.

Our doc diagnostics online Driver Risk Assessment tool provides you with a quick and low cost method of accurately identifying the risk level of individual company or Grey fleet drivers.

To use the system, all you need to do is purchase the number of online driver risk assessments you require, and your drivers can then use a code and password to login to the system and take the assessment at a time that is convenient with your staffs working hours.

You also have the option to purchase a further system
that records items such as :-

  • Drivers Licence Details & Eyesight Checks.
  • Servicing Schedules.
  • Drivers Hours.
  • CPC Training.
  • Training/Assessment Records.
  • Accidents & Incidents.

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